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Surviving a Regulatory Interview: In the Facility

This program illustrates the correct ways to answer questions asked by a regulatory auditor while an employee is working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Specifically, the program will shows employees the incorrect and correct ways to handle themselves when answering different types of questions--in an actual manufacturing facility.

Employees sometimes wonder about how to respond to questions in a regulatory interview--particularly when they're doing their job. They think that talking to an inspector is like being interrogated or put on the spot--or that they'll make a mistake.

In this program, common interview scenarios are presented along with the do’s and don’ts of how to respond to questions.

Program Objectives

  • Respond when you don’t know or are unsure of the answer to a question.
  • Respond when there’s a lull or a gap in the conversation.
  • Respond completely but concisely.
  • Respond to questions about SOPs.
  • Respond when you've made a mistake.
  • Video Runtime: 15 Minutes
  • Extras
  • Leader's Guide
  • Interview Issues Worksheet and Answer Key
  • Assessment and Answer Key
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