Crystal Clear Training - video based learning


Micron Video International was founded in 1989 by Tony Waring when teaching correct procedures for donning cleanroom garments to a group of employees.

Two issues became apparent; there was a language barrier between the trainer and the trainees and also there could not be guaranteed consistency in the delivery of the information with every session. Both of these issues led to the development of Micron Video International. Video solved these issues and more and we’ve been building on that success ever since.

30 years later as Micron Training we’ve moved on, still producing video and using technologies that provide additional features and operability but always keeping in mind the purpose of our content;

‘To provide engaging, repeatable, accurate training that’s crystal clear’


Micron Training aims to continue providing robust and relevant off-the-shelf learning programs for regulated industries. We also look to research and improve our delivery formats and content design to maximize the return on investment for our customers.

At Micron we approach every project, regardless of scale, with the same structured process. Whether making one of our off-the-shelf training programs or a totally unique client centred product, the processes involved are very similar.