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Introduction to Sterile & Aseptic Production

For everybody that needs to learn about and practice safe techniques when making products where sterility is essential.

Whether a quality director, training manager or anyone who must get employees oriented in the exacting disciplines of sterile workspaces, you'll find this media-rich volume the comprehensive knowledge base to underpin your training program.

A completely new visualization of our core sterile learning module with intelligent assessment to promote the performance and quality required in sterile and aseptic environments. This program replaces 'Understanding Sterile Production' in the Micron Training catalogue.

The course content is a consistent and engaging way to educate and assess personnel for reliable production.

The need for sterility applies to a wide range of products and medicines that are sterile prevent the risk of spreading infectious and often disease causing bacteria and viruses when administered to the patient. If they’re not sterile then at the very least they can cause patients who are already ill or wounded to deteriorate and worse; contaminated products can and have caused their deaths!

This program is an introduction to the subject illustrating the reasons for, and the controls related to, sterile and aseptic production.

  • Video content includes:
  • Introduction
  • The Contaminants
  • Sterile Production
  • Clean Environments
  • Personnel & Sterility
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Preparation & Processing
  • Methods of Sterilization
  • Video Runtime: 31 Minutes
  • Extras
  • PDF documentation
  • Computer assessment
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  • Network Licensed eLearning
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