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Introduction to GMP & Quality Auditing

Disc 1 "Introduction to GMP & Quality Auditing" DVD The core multimedia training module presented in a six-part Video-based documentary style program:

  • Video content includes:
  • What do we mean by quality?
  • An Audit
  • Quality Systems, Standards and Codes of Practice
  • Pre-audit preparation
  • The Audit Process
  • The Audit Report
  • DVD Runtime: 50 Minutes

Disc 2 The training module comes complete with the MVI QuestionMaster™ multiple choice knowledge assessment quiz. Shipped with preset questions and fully editable up to 200 questions in five competency levels.

Disc 3 "The MVI Guide to GMP & Quality Auditing" The guide provides the written manual on which the multi-media programs are based. Complete with Checklists and Report format templates. Available as a PDF.

PLUS Virtual Factory Audit Tours The brand new concept using interactive DVD/Video where the camera provides an auditor’s eye-view of all departments in a tour of a virtual production plant. Can be viewed in their entirety or stopped at will with pop-up window for recordable comments and notes.

Disc 4 "Virtual GMP Plant Audit"
Disc 5 "Virtual Sterile Production Plant Audit"

Available in these formats:
  • Standard DVD
  • Network Licensed DVD
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