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The Video package

The video - comprehensive documentary style training program filmed in real manufacturing facilities

Training Documentation PDF - This document contains the full video transcript, a useful glossary of technical terms, the multiple choice assessment and answers with feedback.

PowerPoint Courseware template - The review section of the video program has been compiled in a standard Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template for your own customization. You may insert, adapt or remove content specific for your own requirements and training courseware.

Browser-based assessment - computer-based version of the multiple-choice assessment with insightful feedback.

Other Language versions
French version available
German version available
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Spanish version available

An Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practice

Today we use many products, medicines, foods and cosmetics on a regular basis and without worrying too much about how safe they are. Historically, the development of tighter controls on manufacture has been in reaction to human tragedy caused by unsafe or contaminated materials and dangerous working and storage methods

The FDA in the US, increased the regulations that governed the manufacture of these products to make them safer and in the 1960s they became know as GMP - Good manufacturing Practice.

An Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practice is our latest and most comprehensive training program on the subject (replacing the popular 'Introduction to GMP'). Presented in 11 parts with detailed review section it is designed as a complete course for training new staff and re-training all who are subject to cGMP regulatory control including those working in laboratories, engineering and maintenance as well as operational and quality department staff.

  • Video content includes:
  • Why do we need GMP?
  • A Quality System
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Validation
  • Documentation
  • Change Control & CAPA
  • The environment, equipment & maintenance
  • Contamination & cleaning
  • Logistics, materials handling & distribution
  • Packaging & labeling
  • GMP, people & training
  • Review
  • Video Runtime: 46 Minutes

The eLearning option

The eLearning format is a 2 part training interface including:
  • the video, text, mini quizzes and glossary of terms content
  • and the full knowledge assessment
All packaged for SCORM, AICC, TinCan API (xAPI) compatible Learning Management Systems or stand alone browser training.